Spring is upon us, and I’m loving the warmer weather, the trees budding, and the spring flowers blooming here in North Arkansas. Spring is also a great time to give your house a CHECK-UP both inside and out!  What needs to be updated, thrown out, or refreshed? Spring cleaning always makes you feel better and recharges your soul.

Here’s a few tips to help you get your house in SPRING’S Fine Form!

Inside your home

It’s time to put away dreary winter décor and bring in new, fresh, and lively spring décor. Quick, inexpensive fixes, such as adding colorful decorative pillows, art work, or rugs will easily brighten your space.

Fresh flowers and plants are always a nice touch.  Do you know houseplants are the new decorative accessory?  You’ll see them in shelter magazines nationwide. But, if you don’t have time to care for the real thing, artificial flowers are designed so well now you can hardly tell they are not real, and they add a ton of color, texture and a WOW factor to any room.

Bring out those spring dishes!  Nice spring dishes can brighten a dining table. Beautiful placemats and napkins serve as the base, while the dishes finish the table.  Spring-themed chargers and platters on easels can be placed on your kitchen counter tops to hide the outlets. For more tips on table designs and décor.   Follow my Instagram and Facebook pages @thegrapevinehome to see more or if you’re in the Jonesboro area April 13th, I’ll be demonstrating Dish placements and design tips at Dillard’s Turtle Creek location. From 11 am-3 pm. Come by and see how you can entertain your family and friends with the best dishes and décor for your  table display this Spring!

Maybe adding new soft furnishings, florals, and dishes to your home décor is just not enough.  Do you need a bigger update, like a renovation? Now, is the perfect time to start updates and renovations to have them completed before summer vacation and the next fall and winter’s holiday seasons. Contractors begin to get busy this time of year as well as in the fall, so now is the perfect time to get on their list.  

Before you begin any design project, you need to do your homework!  Check out a variety of resources to help you determine the exact updates you want to make, a realistic timeline, and budget for your new space.  Be realistic about how ambitious you are for your desired project.

Keep in mind the time it will take to complete a project.  On HGTV, it looks simple and easy and ready in a few days! NO WAY!!  Depending on the scope of a project, it can take several months to complete.  When you are ordering cabinets, draperies, furniture or appliances, it can take up to 6-10 weeks.  For example, during my own bathroom renovation last year, the shower surround took over six months from order to install.  If you go to the trouble and cost to renovate, do it right and mostly likely, unless you tire of the style or color, you will never have to replace.

Outside Your Home

Spring is a great time to think about refreshing and updating the outside of your home. How do you feel when you drive up to your home?  Happy and contented? Or, do you cringe just a little? Small actions can make big changes to the way you feel about your home.

  • Do the gutters need to be cleaned, the house, porch and deck power-washed?  Cleaning your windows is another way to bring the spring in to your home. Fresh clean windows improve the amount and quality of light in your home making sunshine even brighter.   
  • Clean out the flower beds and plant new shrubs and trees before the weather is too hot, or you’ll have to water and water and water.  We don’t have time for that!
  • Does your mulch in your flower beds need replaced?  Fresh mulch can make a huge improvement in curb appeal.  I had my bed cleaned out from years of added mulch on top of mulch and had the rocks that surround the beds replaced.  It’s time and expense, but I love to look out at my flower bed with complete peace of mind about how beautiful they look with fresh mulch. I smile as I drive up to my house.  

Just a few tips to help you have peace of mind in your home this spring.  If you need assistance of have a question, I’m just a phone call away. 870-994-4438.



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