My Five Favorite Things of 2017

Oversized mirror

Welcome to my first blog post! I have been working hard over the past few months to launch a new and improved website, and I am so glad you stopped by to visit. 

We are so close to the new year, which means new beginnings, goals, projects and dreams for so many of us. I know I am starting to make big plans for 2018 and am looking forward to sharing my journey with you through this blog. The end of the year is always a great time for reflection — to really take a step back and take note of all you’ve accomplished, the wonderful people you’ve met and worked with, and for me, the products that helped make my design business a success in 2017.  


1. Oversized mirrorOversized mirror

In the past few years, mirrors have really become a home decor staple. From large wardrobe mirrors to unique bathroom mirrors, they really can make an ordinary space look as if they have a true designer finish at a non-designer price point. This mirror is one I absolutely love and can look fabulous in any size home. At over 40 inches in diameter, an oversized mirror works great as a focal point on large walls, like over your bed. The silver brushed with gold on this mirror make it look elegant and expensive, and no one ever has to know otherwise!



2. Large lampLarge floor lamp

I clearly love oversized pieces, so this large lamp is an obvious favorite. It’s also over 40 inches tall and is one of my all time favorites to place beside a bed. If you love to read, you will certainly want to invest in a large lamp to provide ample light at night as you read before bed or as you’re snuggled up in a cozy chair. It can also provide an awesome finishing touch for a sideboard. Unsure of what I sideboard is? Don’t worry — it’s next on my list! 




3. Sideboard


This stunning cabinet is 108 inches (that’s 9 feet, y’all!) and is a great compliment in a dining area. If your living room allows for the length, you can also utilize this piece as a TV cabinet by hinging the middle drawer to accommodate TV components. Partner this lovely, oversized piece with the large lamp in your bedroom and set a warm, welcoming and elegant tone. 



4. RugDecorative rug

This rug caught my eye earlier this year and I have recommended it in variations for several clients. The way the colors marry one another is quite beautiful, and I assure you that this photo does not do it justice. (I’d love to show it to you in person! Request your own personal consult and you can even feel how silky soft it is, too!) Shades of black, grey, cream and golden tan come together to make this edgy rug come to life with a mineral look similar to what you’d find in granite and natural rocks. Another great feature of this rug is that it comes in an assortment of sizes, making it appropriate for really any room in your house. 



5. SofaSofa

This year has been a busy year for me in terms of sofa sales. I am so thankful for all my clients who purchased custom sofas from me through my exclusive Bassett Furniture partnership. The Bassett Performance Fabrics really stole the show this year because of their ability to withstand a busy family, children and pets. This fabric is easier to clean than traditional fabrics used on sofas, which makes it so much more durable. My family warmly welcomes several four-legged members into our tribe, so having the Performance Fabric on my own couch has been a wise and worthwhile investment. 



6. ColeMy Grandson, Cole

Oh, did I say this list was going to be my 5 Favorite Home Decor Items? Well, technically it is! In early 2017, though, I became a Gramz for the first time to my sweet grandson, James Cole. He goes by his middle name, Cole, which was my maiden name. He is the light of our lives and we have no idea what we ever did before he came along. If I’m not visiting with a client, attending industry events or working to bring you more relevant design content, you can find me spending time with this handsome young man in 2018 (and beyond).



I hope my reflection of 2017 has inspired you to think more about what small but significant changes you can make in your home in 2018. As an artist, my home is ever changing and I love incorporating new trends and experimenting with new ideas year round. I’d love for you to share with me changes you’ve made in your home this year that you love, as well as what you’d like to do in 2018!

Merry Christmas and cheers to a fabulous New Year!


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